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How to Write a Personal Essay That Gets You Noticed


Once you’ve stepped on the path of applying to an American college, one of the main challenges you’ll have to undergo is writing a personal essay. Different institutions have different requirements and expectations for this kind of writing, but the key concepts always stay the same. That’s why we want to help you out with some useful tips on how to write a personal essay.

Change Your Essay for Every Application

It’s an easy approach to write one generic essay and send it out to as many universities as possible, but doing that won’t get you noticed. This is especially important when you have already got different prompts from different universities. You need to show your resolution and dedication by doing a proper job and writing exactly what is asked of you to write. By doing so, you’ll show the admission officers that you’re taking your chance seriously and really want to get in that precise university.

Explaining Your Choice of University

In your personal essay, you need to convince everyone that you’re the student that the college of your choice wants to get. This should cover both sides – what you expect from the university and what you can give back to it. Having a strong reason for choosing that exact university is good, but you also need to offer some contributions. To cover the latter, you need to be familiar with the university on various levels: its history, structure, orientations, and values. For example, a university you have chosen might be a strong supporter of the eco-friendly lifestyle, and you can mention that it resonates with your own outlook.

Talking about Your Experiences

Your background experience in everything outside studying is one of the pillars that will support your whole essay. This includes extracurricular activities, talents and skills, volunteer work, leadership, etc. Such experience creates a fuller image of you as a versatile personality who can contribute to more things than just studying. However, don’t simply mention these experiences – analyze them in terms of benefits and lessons you’ve got in the long run. This will also show your deductive skills.

Make It Personal

The key word is already in the name – a personal essay. It’s possible that you’ve already read some sample essays. While getting inspiration and some ideas about what direction to take are encouraged, it’s strongly advised not to copy others’ writings. Completing the task of writing a personal essay has a few purposes. Of course, you need to show your writing skills, describe your personality and achievements, and introduce yourself as a potential student who is in a possession of valuable features. However, a personal essay is also something you need to do just for yourself. We often write about different topics, but we rarely put ourselves in the spotlight. Being able to look at your own image through someone else’s eyes is one of the main things a personal essay is about.

So stay true to yourself, and the admission officers will appreciate that. Good luck!

04Jan, 2018