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Affiliate Program

Not only do customers of get a great writing service, but they also get the opportunity to earn an unlimited amount of money through our affiliate program. Essentially, this program enables each customer to collect 10% on the orders placed by friends they refer to us. As well as you getting a cut on every order placed by your referrals, your friends get the first orders they place with us at a generously discounted price.

Here is how you can begin earning. If you are not already a customer of, you will need to use our services, which means placing an order on our easy-to-use website. This process involves creating a user account where you will find a unique promotional code or a link you can use to invite your friends to also use our services. Once you send this code or link to people you know and they use it, they will be registered on our system and taken to our order page.

The promotion code you sent to friends will be applied when they enter it on the order form and submit that form to us. This will automatically render them eligible for a price reduction on their first purchase with us. This is the simple process that enables your friends to get first-time discounts from us.

When each transaction is fully complete and the customer’s payment is received, we will credit 10% of that order price to your account. You may then can use it to get your next order free or at a reduced price.

So, just sending a promotional code or link to people you know can earn you extra cash. When any of the friends you chose use the promotional code they got from you, they will make a saving on their first order with us. In addition, equally importantly, the transaction will earn you 10% of the order price! A win-win for all parties!