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Our Guarantees

Being a leading company in the sphere of academic writing, we want you to be 100% confident in our services and guarantees. Unlike other writing centers, we concentrate on customers` satisfaction rather than on high monetary income. We want you to be happy choosing the service with the convenient terms and conditions. Our customers choose us again and again because is the pledge of safety and fair treatment. Since is a totally customer-oriented writing service, we have many guarantees that you may find attractive to place the order.

Exclusive Property Rights

We do not practice selling the already written papers to different customers. Once the paper is written, it becomes your property, and only you can decide what to do with it. Every produced paper will be totally original and meet your requirements and expectations. Once the paper is written, it will be totally deleted from our database. We believe that you deserve the best treatment. Thus, you will retain full ownership of your paper!

Premium Quality of Every Piece of Writing

We would never be such a successful writing service if we produce low quality papers. Our writing team is carefully selected to demonstrate the best possible results of academic writing. We practice or writing and research skills every day so that you could receive the best examples of academic writing. We guarantee instant quality control of every writing process. Once the paper is written, it will be carefully checked by one of our skilled editors. He will make sure that the paper meets your requirements and the highest academic standards. Also, the editor will check the paper for plagiarism and English grammar. Before sending the paper to the customer, we will check all its aspects so that he can be sure that his paper will bring the desired grades.

Safety Guarantee

All our customers take care of their personal information. We guarantee that we will never share your personal information with some third parties. You should not be afraid of any consequences of our cooperation since it will bring only positive emotions and results. We assure you that we will not reveal your name even to the assigned writer. Our cooperation will be totally anonymous.

Plagiarism Policy

Plagiarism is a genuine concern for all the colleges and universities. The students are strictly punished for this crime since it deals with the intellectual property of other people. Our company guarantees totally original and plagiarism-free essays. We run every paper through the sophisticated plagiarism detection software to ensure that you will get the totally authentic paper. Our writers cite all the sources used carefully. Every paper is written totally from scratch according to your specific requirements. We can also send you a plagiarism report totally free of charge. We assure you that buying plagiarism-free essays from is the key to your academic success!

Free Revisions

We acknowledge that sometimes you can be unsatisfied with the final paper. If so, do not hesitate to contact us immediately and ask for revision. Also, you can write a direct message to the writer and he will be glad to help you improve the paper. We are responsible for the papers ordered from us and we guarantee instant support till the successful submission.

Money-Back Guarantee

If you are totally unsatisfied with the written paper, the writer failed to meet your requirement or simply plagiarized the paper; you will receive all your money back. We want you to return to our custom writing enterprise again, so we try to meet and even exceed your expectations.