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Jobs for Travelers


You surely thought about a chance to travel during your work. It seemed to be impossible, but it is certainly not true for now. And we know why!

Work Around the World

Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)

If you are an English language teacher, this job is for you. Do not be afraid to try your chance: If all teachers participated in this program, there would be still a need for the same number of people.

Cruise Ship Staff

It is very simple: you work on a cruise ship and travel. However, it is very hard to get and work there.

Tour Guide

Jobs that require travel are different, but this is an interesting one. You learn about various things, tell tourists about them, and keep traveling!

Peace Corps

Among jobs that require travel, it is a serious task, but you are able to contribute to a global deal since job offers can be different. Still, you will feel as if you were a part of something great and important.

NGO (like Doctors Without Borders)

It is similar to Peace Corps, but in a sphere of medicine. And you work and travel of course!

State Department

Working for the U.S. government is serious, so you may need to obtain specific knowledge, skills, or even education. At any rate, you work and travel whatever the government expects you to do.


If you are like rock music and parties, this type of job is perfect for you. You work and travel with any rock band and help the guys with their tours: hotels, food, drinks, getting ready for the gig, and other things that musicians usually are unable to do on their own.

Au Pair or Nanny

You have surely heard about such a possibility, but do not disregard it because it is a real chance. Many Au Pairs managed to travel a lot because of their job.

Travel Nurse

If nursing is your calling, why don’t you gain your professional experience while travelling? Your help will be appreciated everywhere.


A little hipster job for those who would like to travel. You work for organic farm owners and get a place to sleep and meal instead of salary. Modest, but a reliable way to travel while working.

06Jun, 2017