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How You Make Studies Difficult


On average, students spend a lot of hours studying at schools or colleges. For example, a British student spends approximately 700 of hours per year on school. Nonetheless, the school does not offer a lot of required knowledge that would be of great aid in everyday life. Sometimes it seems that we just learn a lot of unnecessary stuff that we will never use further on. Some topics are generally assumed to be taught at home by parents or in some other surroundings, still it would be great to implement some study techniques of daily matters into the college curriculum in future studies.

In this article, we have decided to focus our attention on the things that are really important for everyone to know but that are not included into the average curriculum.

1. How taxes really work

To a certain extent, something might be mentioned about it during classes on Economics, but actually the information provided is superficial and sometimes hard for comprehension. What is really needed is to explain in simple words the main principles how taxes work and what students should be aware of. This topic is relevant to each person’s life, so getting proper understanding is a must.

2. How to care for your clothes

At first sight, it might seem to you that this is complete nonsense – what lies behind caring for clothes? Probably your parents have already shown you at home how to switch on the washing machine and wash the clothes. Still, there are many life-hacks on how to take adequate care of your clothes to ensure that they stay in their best condition as long as possible. Particularly, it is important to know how to provide “911 help” regarding some stains from wool or fabric. Besides, it is important to be aware of the temperature in which you are allowed to wash your clothes.

3. How to manage personal boundaries

Frequently, people learn to manage their personal boundaries at a rather mature age (already after college or when they have already changed 2-3 jobs). Some people, on the contrary, never learn this thing and always suffer from other people’s intrusion into their personal boundaries. Actually, managing your personal space is a thing that should be definitely taught in schools and colleges as the person should know how to differentiate their personal wishes and desires from some things that others want them to do.

4. How to identify fraud/fraudsters (especially online)

It is important to teach the principles of Internet literacy and safety. Even in such simple matters as downloading some files from the Internet, it is crucial to be able to differentiate between the trustworthy link and the one that might set a virus on your PC.

5. How to network

In many careers, networking is an obligatory asset, especially for recruiters or journalists. However, as it can be seen, networking does not belong to the innate people’s abilities and therefore needs to be learned and mastered over time. It is significant to build links with other people because you never know where you will turn out to be tomorrow in your career or studying.

Even if you didn’t learn the aforementioned things at school, hopefully this article has helped you to find out what you should pay attention to. Attend webinars and seminars, read articles, and you will definitely broaden your outlook.

10Oct, 2017