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How to Produce Excellent Coursework


A level coursework is a very important paper that will help show your academic level. Many students see it as an alternative to exams. If you fail the first exam, you can try to write a good work and get a good mark. Many people think that writing a paper is much easier than passing exams, because a lot of time is given for doing a coursework. However, in fact, do not postpone this important task for the last day. Here are some secrets of coursework writing that can be useful for you.

Rules of Writing a Good Coursework

What is the Coursework

Coursework is often presented in the form of extended essay or project. The format of the work depends on your subject and topic. For example, if you explore English, your text will be framed as an extended essay. If you write a paper in physics or chemistry, it will be a project or an experiment.

Do Not Break the Rules

Familiarize yourself with the rules of writing such works. If you miss something important and your work is done incorrectly, it can be disqualified. Avoid plagiarism. Even if you refer to quotes from scientific journals or Internet sites, try to describe the meaning of the citations in your own words, in order to increase the level of uniqueness of the text. Consult your professor and do not be afraid to ask many questions. This is a very responsible work and precision is important in this case.

Choose a Topic

Do not rush to choose a topic, think well. You should have a very good knowledge of the theme you are going to work on. Perhaps you have already written scientific papers and you liked the topic of previous research, so you can continue and develop it in your coursework. Consult the professor, maybe he or she will offer you a good and interesting subject.

Manage Your Time

Many students think that they have a lot of time to write a coursework and postpone it. However, in fact, this kind of essay requires conducting many researches and studying a huge number of books. Start working on the paper as soon as you have chosen the topic. Write every day, at least one hour a day. Do not forget to consult experts.

Write Qualitatively and Remember the Text Structure

After choosing a topic, you need to define your main goals and write the plan of future work. Then you can start writing a draft. Do not break the structure of your paper. Remember, all your ideas should be set consistently and clearly. Use the scientific style of writing. Avoid using slang and spoken words. Exploit terms and quotes from various sources. Try to use only the most recent publications, if your topic allows it. If you write a coursework in the exact or natural sciences, use different images and supporting materials. If you conduct a research on economics or political science, do not forget about the charts and tables.

21Dec, 2017