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How to Cope with Rejection


Students try their best to get to the colleges of their dreams, but the dreams do not necessarily come true. Poor grades, unconvincing cover letters, or simple absence of places available make students extremely upset. A rare student is rejected from all colleges, but sad thoughts can be persistent. That is why we suggest our ultimate guide for getting rid of a feeling that you are rejected from all colleges!

1. Getting upset is normal

Remember, we cannot enjoy our lives for every single moment. What is more, being disappointed about college rejection is a sign that you will be a conscientious student, as you care much about your studies.

2. Lots of Schools Are Waiting for You!

Do not get attached to a single college. You may realize that your so-much-dreamed college is not a good fit for you. That is why college rejection is likely to lead you to the best option. Whatever happens, happens for better!

3. Listen to Your Feelings and Desires

While applying for college, think about your leisure time as well. Many colleges have various clubs, communities, and groups, among which you will surely find your favorite hobby. Student life is not only studies and lectures. Communication with your peers, having fun, devoting your free time to your most-desired activities is the part of your student life. That is why you do not have to necessarily apply for a top-rated college to get a good entertainment and facilities for enjoying your hobby. Colleges themselves do not make your free time fun, because you can do it on your own! Again, remember that a choice in favor of a less popular college, but a choice with your heart and mind is much better than opting for a college that was advertised and advised you thousand times.

As you see, there are numerous opportunities for every student, you just have to look for them carefully. Do not be upset in case of initial rejections, because persistence is the cornerstone of success.

07Feb, 2017