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How To Write A Paragraph Readers Will Like

If you have a task to write an essay, you do have such questions as what is a paragraph and how to write a paragraph? A paragraph can be defined as a part or a piece of writing that starts on a new line and should contain at least one sentence.

Sometimes, depending on the topic, theme, or idea, a paragraph can comprise more than one sentence. Each essay or piece of writing can consist of several paragraphs, also known as building blocks. The following blocks divide your writing into comprehensible and easy-to-follow parts.

All essays are usually composed of paragraphs, whereas reports or technical writing are written in sections. It should be noted that within the sections, there are paragraphs, or figures, charts, tables, etc. On the one hand, writing a paragraph can be a very easy task, but on the other hand, each word should be chosen very carefully.

In order to write a paragraph, you should develop a novel argument or idea. Remember that it can be reflected with the help of only one or two sentences. It is recommended that there should be at least six or seven sentences in a typical writing prepared by a student. Of course, the paragraph may be longer, but not shorter than this. Consider that the longer your writing is, the longer your paragraphs can be. If you want to have a look at long paragraphs, you should find one of James Joyce’s books. This well-known author did know pretty well how to write paragraphs and long sentences. In his masterpiece, Ulysses, there are paragraphs that take twenty or thirty pages.

How to Write a Good Paragraph?

Very short paragraphs are considered the most frequently made mistake by students when they write their essays or other assignments. If you have paragraphs that consist of only two or three short sentences, do not expect that your teacher or professor give you a good mark. Such writing does leave a very bad impression. Your writing may seem to be a list of notes made when you were in a hurry. Your teacher or professor may think that you have not arranged all your ideas or that your essay has been written just on the spot. Try to avoid mixing up all your ideas in one paragraph. For instance, a one-page essay consists of three paragraphs, such as introduction, body, and conclusion. Depending upon the type of written assignment, your introduction or conclusion can comprise two or three paragraphs, but the body part can consist of several ones. While writing body paragraphs, you should pay attention to whether your sentences are coherent.

Paragraph Structure

A good paragraph should have decent structure or certain components in order to develop your idea in a sufficient way:

  • There should be a topic sentence in each paragraph. This sentence helps the reader to understand what the following paragraph will be about.
  • All the unknown terms or words should be defined or explained in a clear way.
  • If you state something, then you should provide relevant sources, evidence, data, illustrations, charts, tables, etc.
  • You should evaluate, analyze, examine, discuss, contrast or compare whatever you have mentioned in your essay.
  • You should provide conclusions or give some recommendations, if necessary.

When you prepare any written assignment, you should clearly separate one paragraph from the other. Today, the majority of people prefer to leave a line space between the paragraphs. It is considered the easiest thing that can be done.

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