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Writing a College Term Paper


Freshmen and sometimes sophomores may find it hard to adjust to new requirements of college-level writing. We know, it is a great challenge. That is why we suggest our beneficial and simple tips of advancing college-level writing skills.

Essay Writing Tips

Make Sure you are Aiming Towards the Right Target

Read assignment instructions carefully and only write about topics mentioned in the assignment. You do not have to make your paper too complex. General statements, however, will also hardly impress your professor.

Provide a Good Point of View

The majority of assignments are designed to check your understanding of the subject and provide its critical analysis. Don’t be afraid to express your opinions ‑ be original and straightforward. And don’t forget to provide a proof for your standpoint!

You Need a Plan

Planning your essay structure will help you arrange all your thoughts by highlighting the main arguments and eliminating unnecessary chatter. Having your outline prepared means that half of the assignment is already done!

Proof! Proof! Proof!

And nothing else. Supporting your statements with credible evidence is the only one way to convince your professor that you are not a liar 🙂

Don’t be Boring

Start your introduction with some interesting anecdote or a catchy statement. And proceed just to the point, so that a reader will know what he/she is going to read about.

Thesis Statement is a Key

Write a clear, distinct, and understandable thesis statement, which reflects your main message and opinion about the topic. It best fits the last sentence in the first paragraph.

You Need Support of Your Claims

When you are supporting your statement with some evidence, it has to be reliable and authoritative. Refer to scientists, famous writers, artists, politicians or anyone else who deserves to be trusted. It will make your statements sound.

Don’t Drone on and on

Make your essay straightforward and to the point. Avoid unnecessary information and too general statements. It is usually a sign of poor knowledge of the subject. Be concise and direct.

God Forbid you from Plagiarism!

It is the worst sin in your writing and the entire academic experience. Plagiarized essays are easy to detect even without Turnitin and other plagiarism-detection software.

The Bravest Fighters Look for Help

Don’t be afraid to ask for help from your instructors and tutors. Many colleges have writing centers, where you will always get assistance, various studying tips and proofreading of your writing.

I hope that these tips will definitely help you master essay writing. Good luck with it!

07Mar, 2017