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Writing a Personal Statement or Covering Letter


Covering letter is one of the most complicated tasks in the list of application requirements. The main thing is to present oneself in a good light putting emphasis on your beneficial points. However, how to write an advantageous motivation letter and not to look like a boaster? We are ready to reveal you some tips on how to write a winning personal statement following a range of principles. There are no strict rules of its writing, however, we tried to formulate a certain pattern to lead you to the pleasant result. Start filling in your UCAS application form straight away. This motivation letter writing ideas might be also helpful for those who want to put oneself forward as a prospective employee for a part-time or full-time job.

What you should tell about

A writing itself displays you as a personality and shows your qualities. This is what makes the first impression about you. In other words, the personal statement is the element which makes you familiar to admission officers, it introduces you. Understanding all the seriousness of the paper, you should devote enough time for thinking about the main points you would like to write about.

Remember, it is essential to be honest. Apparently, your grades and subjects are not determining arguments.

Things you should reveal in your essay:

  • Your true interest in the course or a position you apply for. Give an example of action you take to widen your knowledge of it.
  • What makes you the best candidate and guarantees that you would do your best to master the needed skills. There is no need in students who drop out or employees who leave a job after the period of probation.
  • What reasons give you enthusiasm and how getting a wanted position influences your plans for the future.
  • Your behavior in complicated situations.
  • Your diligence and commitment.
  • What contribution you could make to a company.

Directions to follow.

While other applicants for the place have the same qualification, your duty is to stand apart. Admission tutors should get an explanation why you have chosen a particular course. Therefore, your mission is to provide them with enough evidence.

Our suggestion is not to use the same essay for a couple of applications. If the courses are quite different it might not fit in and seem to be messy listing all the achievements regardless the sphere.

Essential rules:

  • Try to be the most precise about word count. Do not exceed the required norm.
  • No plagiarism – There is no doubt UCAS will check if your writing is original.
  • Do not mention names of any specific universities.

Not the least important factor is the way you organize information in the statement. So, before you start, brainstorm some ideas and make a clear plan. Make it logical and interesting to read, be yourself and the reader would like to trust you. Conscientiousness and authenticity are among of the required traits to be a potential student or employee.

07Dec, 2017