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What to Wear in the UK


Every culture has its peculiar features, such as music, traditions, clothing, language, etc. Even if you are an English speaker and are moving to another English-speaking country, you will be amazed how everything is different from your hometown.

Today, we want to give you some useful dressing tips on dressing differences in the UK.

If you look at people walking on the streets in the UK, you’ll notice a lot of different styles – from smart to casual, traditional to eccentric. As for school children – everything is easy. By the age 16, they wear a school uniform. For senior school pupils, as well as colleges and universities students, it is not mandatory to wear a uniform, and more informal clothing is welcome.

– In classes: students usually wear everything casual: jeans, T-Shirts, jumpers, and dresses. However, there are some tuition courses where special protective clothes, such as glasses or a lab coat, are required. The good thing is that colleges usually provide such clothes.

– At the parties: whatever is comfortable to you. Whether it is casual or glamorous, it is your choice.

– At the formal events: it is a completely another case. For instance, if you are going to attend a university ball, you should surely suit up. A dress or a suit and a tie are an obligation if you want to look classy.

– The weather: in the UK, it is highly unpredictable. Throughout the year, the temperature changes from below 0° Celsius (32° Fahrenheit) in winter to 30°C (86° Fahrenheit) in summer! That’s why a mobile weather app should always be in your pocket before you leave your home. The most useful tip would be layering. Make sure that T-shirts, jumpers and a coat are amongst your essentials so that you can combine them in various ways. When you step into a warm apartment, you can take off one layer of your clothes and feel fresh again. Often dressing for the weather means you must give up some stylish clothes; however, it is good to know, that UK schools welcome almost all kinds of fashion. So, whatever you choose – you are good to go.

Finally, remember that your health is more important than wardrobe essentials or other issues.

18Apr, 2017