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What Kind of Learning Style Suits You Best


No matter whether you are a high school student, a college student, or a worker who is constantly learning something new for personal development, the learning styles play a crucial role in the effectiveness of memorizing the material and the possibility of applying the learned things in the future. The best learning style will help you reach maximum productivity in the very process itself and help you get the best results of your studying. This article comprises of a brief discussion of numerous methods and techniques of learning and types of environment that have an impact on specific learning styles.

Learning Techniques:

Learning with others (friends, classmates, group mates, etc.)

Social learning helps a lot when it comes to learning a huge bulk of information over a short period of time. In particular, you might gather together with your friends and try to share some information that each of you has learned at home. The approach is slightly similar to the academic discussion you have in class.

Explaining the material to others

It’s a lot easier to learn something and memorize it for 100% when you explain it to a friend or classmate. Although it might seem at first sight that the process of explanation can be of no benefit to you, actually it is in this process that you immerse yourself totally. In order to explain something in an understandable way, you need to get a proper understanding of the matter as well.

Video and audio learning

For audials and visuals, it is a perfect way to learn some information. Listening to audiobooks or podcasts or watching video saves time as you can engage in learning even when standing in the queue or being in public transport.

Learning by practicing

The phrase, “Practice makes perfect” comes in handy here. Really, sometimes, it is easier to understand how something functions when you have an opportunity to do it rather than read a dozen times in a textbook.


If you are fond of solving problems, then sometimes the method of deduction is exactly what you need. You may not know the specific answer to a question, but you might derive the meaning/ solution/ result from the information you already know.

Doing tests

While preparing for some exam or test, try doing mock exams and tests at home with your friends. This is a perfect option for revising a huge amount of material and testing how well you can perform during the test.

Learning Environment

The environment you choose for your studying has a direct impact on your learning productivity and results. You can choose from the following options:

Silent environment vs. with music. If you need complete silence because otherwise you get distracted, try going to the library or learn at home when there is nobody there. In case you are OK with music, create a playlist of “music for studying.” It will set you on a working and productive mood.

Place of studying: your room, garden, yard, empty classroom, coffee shop, library.

Alone or with a company.

14Nov, 2017