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Useful Advice for Choosing a Dorm


Living in a dorm means residing in another World! There are various types of dormitories: single, double, triple, quad, themed-housing, and even substance-free housing. That is why it is so significant to choose the right type of college housing!

Dorm Life Tips


Choosing this kind of college housing, you will get the possibility to study, listen to music louby, sleep,and relax whenever you want. Nobody will disturb you and everything will go on according to your wishes. Nevertheless, sometimes you might feel lonely, it will be harder to socialize with others, and prepare for exams and seminars. Besides, singles are always quite expensive.


This variant suits to easygoing people! You can go to the canteen and parties together, order food, and watch films. Your roommate may become your best friend and take care of you if you are ill. Sometimes you may face problems with understanding each other, especially if you lived alone before. Never mind, just communicate more and negotiate the questions about which you are angry or worry.


It is a good chance to avoid the feeling of loneliness; you will always have somebody to talk to. Furthermore, you can divide dormitory’s price, and save money. On the other hand, you will need time for studying, sleeping, having a rest, which will be difficult to do with three or four people in one room. Different schedule, private life and dates will create some discomfort, which you can solve through communicating.

Substance-free housing

You will feel safe here! There is no tobacco, alcohol, and drugs here. It allows you to avoid the pressure and secure your health and moral values. Nevertheless, living here you will not get the other points of view on different things in life. So, you will lose experience. Also, it is important that your guests follow the rules of your dormitory. It may cause some discomfort.

Single-sex housing

Living with only girls allows you to have a girls’ night 24 hour per week, know each other better, and communicatemore. Besides, the room will always be clean and you will not have to hide from boys when you are going to take bath. But there are no chances to meet love in such a dormitory. Also, sometimes you will have to be adamant to protect yourself from evil tongues of other girls.

These are the most useful students tips, which you may use living in a dorm!

17Jan, 2017