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Use Your Work Experience or Internship to Get a Job


The conclusion that all experienced and serious companies are constantly overloaded with the endless choice of best candidates is entirely erroneous. Even if in your surrounding a lot of your friends are talented enough to find a dream job, it’s no reason for you to be discouraged. Keep your chin up and your potential high. Work experience can help you to be radically different from your peers. Want to stick out of a crowd in a competitive job market? Learn the following ways to use both your work and internship experience to get hired.

Choose a suitable role

While all this may seem simple and fundamental, there are two possible options for your future job:

  1. somewhere you can work;
  2. somewhere you would like to work.

Decide what is better and more suitable for you and which option has greater prospects for climbing the career ladder. Furthermore, you know for sure that it takes more than academic ability to make a great impression on potential employers. Think of your strengths and weaknesses in each field you are interested to impress your HR-manager.

    Start to grow your network

Making lots of connections is always essential. Networking is a considerable benefit of the college experience. You wouldn’t believe that about 80% workers landed a job through networking. Different career-building connections belong to a key way to unearth possible opportunities. Find common interests with the people who surround you. Your co-workers and co-interns could be aware of an open position you wouldn’t have discovered without their assistance. Try networking with a purpose, make as many connections as you can in all social groups of the society, and keep with those people in touch.

    Focus on gaining skills and experience

Always learn from your failures and improve both your efficiency as an ambitious employee and yourself as a person. Furthermore, making a detailed list of what you do during your internships and on your work positions is an excellent way to upgrade your CV. It is appreciated by employers when you have such skills, which you are not expected to have so that you will not need special training in the future. If you have a lot of relevant skills, you are more likely to get a job.

Remember that as a graduate with work or internship experience you are more attractive in the job market than a candidate without such experience. A valuable lesson is what each work – whether it is paid, paid poorly, or unpaid – can give you. If you are interested in something, try to get hired in this field. Extract the maximum learning value from what you like to do. Continue to improve yourself along with the changing demands and find the most honorable placement.

30May, 2017