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Things to Do in Boston MA


Boston is full of interesting places, which are worth visiting, but if you are short of time, you need to spend your opportunity wisely for completing all Boston activities. So, read our guide to make your stay in Boston as fun as possible.

Top 6 Things to Do in Boston

A Must-Visit Place

The first destination of your trip is situated in the area of Faneuil Hall. You can also find this place by going to Quincy Marketplace or coming through Long Warf. Purchase some breakfast and start strolling around the marketplace.

Visit The Freedom Trail

Devote some time to Boston Massacre Site and Kings Chapel Burying Ground. There are many free activities, so that you can see many interesting stuff such as the Old State House. Here, the locals heard the announcement of the independence for the first time. Also, there are other places of interest which you can easily visit if you would like to.

Visit Various Shops and Grab Something to Chew

If you don’t know what to do in Boston, find Newbury Street and do some shopping. Besides, you may also come to Copley Square. And do not forget to see Boston Common! You may also need to drop by Cheers for meals and a good glass of cold beer! You can go to Malborough Street as an alternative.

Tea Party

Visit this museum to get interesting facts about the event. You may taste local tea as well. However, you can also taste some pastry in that locality.

Fenway Park

Just enjoy the view of this wonderful place!

Top Universities

Visit Harvard, Cambridge, and MIT campuses, parks, and museums! We especially recommend you MIT museums, where you can see various technological advances, their history, and even human-like robots. Harvard and Cambridge, however, will not upset you either. Just take a walk here, you do not need much time to get and spend there.

All in all, these are the top Boston places to see, visit, and probably taste the city’s atmosphere. Sure, there are many more wonderful locations to go, but we are not sure that even locals managed to visit all of them.

08Aug, 2017