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Study Tips for College Students


So, you’re in college and want a good GPA. I’ll tell you what you need for this – good study habits that will lead to your good study results. How do you make it? I’ll tell you below.

Study Tips for College

In the information era, you are overloaded with digital information, which is both good and bad. Much more things became more available, and yet it is much harder to get the necessary concentration because of the social media. Here are study skills activities that will help you to make it.

1. Take Notes

Don’t waste the paper, and write down only the key information points from the lectures. Focusing on the main info will make it easier to remember; this is a scientific fact!

2. Be Organized

Follow your schedule and make records into your calendar about all your activities, classes, and plans. Use notes to keep your class material organized. It is one of the important study skills activities.

3. Go Offline

Turn off your phone and your PC when doing homework. This allows you to focus on your task.

4. Never Put Thing Away

It’s better to study a little every day rather than try to memorize everything in the last day. Moreover, cramming is not effective at all and is much more stressful than structural studying.

5. Don’t Study Too Much

Filter the information in the study books, learn only the main points leaving the “water” outside your mind. Don’t get stuck in the libraries for too long!

6. Comfort Zone

Your perfect place for studying is out there, so find it. It’ll be much faster and more effective to gulp down new information if you are 100% comfortable.

7. Rest!

One of the effective study skills is the ability to take a break at the right time. Try to take a short break every hour or two, so you don’t get exhausted.

21Feb, 2017