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Sing Movie


A wide range of animated movies with participation of animals have been released this year. Sing movie is one of the most waited for releases, so we are happy to present you a brief insight on it.

Sing movie is directed by Garth Jennings, and the storyline revolves around an entrepreneur koala, who is planning to launch the biggest singing contest in his theater. It is evidently a new animation movie with a unique plot and presentation.

Animal Movie

The movie’s setting takes place in the real world in comparison with the other releases of this year. Moreover, the movie contains at least 85 musical variations and soundtracks, so the title of the movie speaks for itself.

Five characters will compete in the contest:

  • a tiny mouse with great ambition to win;
  • an elephant with large experience of stage performance anxiety;
  • gangster gorilla that seeks for rest from his family staff business;
  • mother pig with enormous taxes;
  • and a porcupine punk-rock singer, who wants to show her boyfriend that she can succeed by solo performance.

Without a doubt, Illumination managed to make good production and promotion, especially in social media. Perfect visual effects, good animation, and outstanding starring of the animals is all about such a good animal movie as Sing! Just imagine a pig in a charming suite singing a Lady Gaga song!

Still, the movie should justify its promotion campaign. Zootopia reached the highest level of animated movies about animals, and Sing has to hold at least the same standard. Again, the audience will be the fairest and most objective judge.

So, would you go to the premiere? What character do you think will become your favorite, and which one will win the song contest? Wait for the premiere announcement and invite friends to the movie theatre to spend your evening by watching this nice movie.

15Aug, 2017