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Fifty Excellent Topics for Your Scholarship Essays

When writing scholarship essays, you will be telling your readers about you – sharing your thoughts, opinions or answering some question. Here is a list of great scholarship essay topics to get you started if you are wondering what to write about. You should find at least one idea that appeals to you!

  1. What you would change about yourself if you could.
  2. A charm or other item that brings you luck
  3. The century you would choose to live in.
  4. What you would most like to have/own.
  5. The best trip you ever took.
  6. What you would invent given the opportunity.
  7. The strangest thing you ever saw.
  8. What you believe life will be like in 2050.
  9. What life was like when you were small.
  10. The food you like best – an easy scholarship essay topic.
  11. Your hidden talent.
  12. What animal you would like to be.
  13. What you keep under your bed.
  14. If you could only hear one sound.
  15. A top-secret place you have.
  16. A time you got really lost.
  17. Something you would love to invent.
  18. An incredible thing you saw.
  19. A secret thing no one else knows about you.
  20. The strangest thing you ever saw.
  21. The thing you find most beautiful in the whole world.
  22. The superpower you would choose.
  23. Who you would like to be for one day.
  24. If you had a planet of your own.
  25. Something that made you laugh – this is a good topic if you are just learning how to write a scholarship essay!
  26. Five things you would like to give up.
  27. A weather-related story you love telling.
  28. What you would do if you were president.
  29. Something your parents were right about.
  30. Something that caused you embarrassment.
  31. The greatest thing you ever accomplished.
  32. Your most interesting encounter with an animal.
  33. Five things you would find it difficult to live without.
  34. What life would be like if you were not visible.
  35. A job you hate.
  36. Something you lost.
  37. What you would do with a million dollars.
  38. The best toy you have ever owned.
  39. The nicest news you ever got.
  40. Your hero.
  41. Your very first memory.
  42. The pet you would choose.
  43. The holiday you would invent.
  44. The best invention ever – another good idea for anyone looking for interesting scholarship essay topics.
  45. School rules you would change/make up.
  46. A television show you would invent.
  47. The most difficult thing you have ever done.
  48. The toughest lesson you have ever learnt.
  49. The place you would most like to live.
  50. The gadget you like most.