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Awesome Reflective Essay Topics

When students hear that they will be involved in reflective writing, they search the web for the best reflective essay topics. If you do not know which one to choose, please have a look at the list presented below.

  1. A long walk in the forest.
  2. Picking berries and mushrooms.
  3. The first swimming in the lake.
  4. Watching a marvelous sunset.
  5. Rock climbing with friends.
  6. Hunting and its steps.
  7. Trip to the zoo: how animals interact.
  8. Watching a natural disaster or earthquake.
  9. Backpacking with friends in the forest.
  10. Running in the gym and outdoors.
  11. Seeing a spider on the wall or any other insect.
  12. Trip to the forest with your family pet.
  13. The smell of your favorite flower.
  14. Watching the ocean tide.
  15. Experiencing a challenge – skiing down a hill with severe wind blowing.
  16. Childish dream – playing in the mud.
  17. Emotions you experience while watching a tornado on the screen or live.
  18. Hiking down the mountains.
  19. Seeing how a bird builds a nest on the tree.
  20. Facing a wild animal.
  21. A long walk in the rain.
  22. A long walk under the snow.
  23. Watching how someone paints a masterpiece.
  24. Watching how birds fly near your house.
  25. Walking through the shop with flowers.
  26. Crossing a bridge and looking down the railway.
  27. Playing and building sand castles at the seashore.
  28. Looking down the valley and contemplating your future aspirations.
  29. A long walk through the city.
  30. Watching nature values.

It is just a small list of topics you can use in your academic writing. If you ask yourself “what is a reflective essay?”, please have a look at our recommendations on how to create a decent reflective paper.

How to Work on a Reflective Essay

  1. Choose the topic that influenced you the most. Reflective essays should reflect your “inner” side – the way you perceive a certain event or action.
  2. Begin your essay with the description of your experience.
  3. Every essay should include a thesis statement. In reflective writing, your thesis statement should mention what experience you would like to share with readers.
  4. Check some reflective essay prompts to be sure what this type of writing requires.
  5. Focus only on one experience/event in your paper.
  6. End your essay with a conclusion, which should clearly show your attitude towards the discussed events.

Topics for Reflective Essays About Places

If you want to submit a good reflective essay, you can write about a specific place that made a profound influence on your perception. Here are some interesting topics for your consideration.

  1. An amusement park in your city.
  2. A skating rink.
  3. An old house in the woods.
  4. A trip on bike – a remote location.
  5. Your favorite room in the house.
  6. Your favorite vacation place.
  7. The biggest playground you remember from childhood memories.
  8. An old grandparents’ house.
  9. The most beautiful garden.
  10. Your favorite restaurant that creates an extraordinary impression on you.