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Presenting To The Boss


Speaking to your future boss is always a challenging task even though you are a courageous enough person. It can be a positive conversation, but we psychologically inclined to think about the worst things we can expect. So, all we need an ultimate guide for dealing with such situations.

Make a Good Impression

1. Don’t Be Boring

Nobody likes people who keep talking about unnecessary facts, details or make a vague impression. Be intelligent and speak to the point. Do not hesitate to express your opinion and make it as clear as possible.

2. Be Yourself

Any boss is tired from subordinates pretending to be loyal, polite, and nice. You don’t have to be rude, but just try to have small talks with your future boss. He/she is just an ordinary human, so you do not need to prepare for the President’s speech.

3.Have a Small Talk But Do not Overdo it

It’s okay to have a little chat with your boss, but you’d better switch the topic straight to the point.

3. It’s not a Presentation

Do not present yourself as a product for sale. Show your communication skills instead: have a conversation, ask questions, express your ideas, and opinions.

5. Be Original

Besides your communication skills, show your imagination and creative thinking. Surprise your boss with interesting questions or topics for discussion. But do not exaggerate even if it involves just small talks.

6. Appeal to Your Boss Feelings

Make your boss feel important. Perhaps, you can even inspire him/her!

7. Reading Your CV Is Really Boring

Just like any other document. Your future boss is evidently sick and tired of reading through a bunch of applications. Try to catch his attention with something that might distinguish you from the crowd.

8. Boss is Still in the Center

Explain how you can help your boss and the entire organization, how better the boss will feel after hiring you for a chosen job position. Don’t just tell how cool you are.

9. Do Not Take Yourself too Seriously

Your boss and you are ordinary people, so behave yourself as if you are getting acquainted with a new person. Have a good sense of humor.

10. Be Attentive, But Do Not Oversaturate it

Being attentive means to react properly to your boss’s questions and comments rather than analyzing everything in your head during the presentation.

We hope these tips are useful enough, so do not worry and be positive about the beginning of your career!

28Mar, 2017