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Note Taking Methods


You won’t argue that taking notes is the most boring activity ever, especially when your social media are calling you up. But notes are still important, and we usually take them chaotically, so that later we can hardly understand that essential information we recorded. That is why I suggest you these study tips for taking notes.

Besides other study tips, I recommend you to take notes with a pen rather than with your gadget, you’ll know why.

You don’t need numerous notebooks, just get a big one and divide it into several parts according to your study days or courses you currently have. Use Post-it tabs to label each section.

Effective note taking suggest that you should write down the main topics with a pen of a different color, especially when you can’t find the topic within a syllabus or lecturer’s PowerPoint presentation.

Take the rest of notes with an average pen.

And use some your favorite and bright color pen for highlighting the examples provided by the professor or hints related to your homework. That will save you much of time!

Still, if you use your laptop or tablet, manage to use some student software to keep your notes well-organized and master effective note taking. I also would like to suggest you to switch off Wi-Fi or at least social media apps on your device, even if you are planning to like the lecturer’s profile photo.

Create folders for each course and save your notes there. Don’t forget to name file appropriately.

Ensure that you put a date on each note. If you type all subject notes in a single file, divide lectures with respective date subheadings.

Again, do the same as in a subject notebook: highlight the main topics and important examples with a noticeable font or color.

So, here you go! Grab your subject notebook, tablet, or laptop and make sure you are ready for tough lectures!

14Feb, 2017