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Last Minute Research Paper


You won’t argue that sometimes all of us postpone our duties to the last minutes, and instead of starting to work on some order on time, you provide a last minute research paper. Paper writing can be rather problematic for students. That is why we suggest you our guide for last minute paper writing!

Steps for Writing a Research Paper

You Need A Topic

Do not write about something abstract and biased. Choose a theme and describe it in a to-the-point manner.

Conduct a Study

You don’t have time to visit the library, so go to Google Scholar, Google Books, and just regular Google for getting the needed information. Select the most prominent facts and look for different opinions on them. That will be enough for conducting a research.

Outline Your Thesis

Clearly state what you are going to discuss, research or just describe. Your statement should be reflecting the central idea of your study.

Get to Discussion

Provide all opinions you have and do not forget to share your thoughts, comments, and potential recommendations. You may need to arrange these arguments in a particular way depending on the content. Just stick to the thesis of the study and there won’t be any need to get rid of the unnecessary information.

Begin with the End

Write a conclusion before introduction. In such a way, your conclusion will match introduction and thesis statement. Doing vice versa may lead you to outcomes, which you did not initially plan for your research paper.

References are Essential

Remember that you are expected to cite all the information taken from external resources: books, journals, websites, etc., which are intellectual property of other people. Moreover, you need to show that your supportive evidence is credible enough to participate in a research discussion.

Get a Good Rest and Proofread Then

If you have at least extra 5 minutes, leave your paper and proofread it after some time. You need a sharp eye to review mistakes in grammar and content.

These studying tips are simple, but they saved many students from being late with their assignments!

28Feb, 2017