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How to Improve Your Writing Style


There are lots of skills we acquire throughout our life, and writing is one of the most essential ones. Regardless of your social status, you’re still likely to deal with writing on a regular basis. Whether you’re at school, college or work, being able to write in a skillful way will help you out in numerous occasions. Of course, there are different types of writing, but we’ve managed to find some universal tips that will help to improve your writing style.

Less Adverbs

Purple prose is a problem many amateur writers have to deal with. You might feel tempted to make your writing sound a lot more complicated, intelligent and elaborated, but in reality, abusing adjectives and adverbs create the opposite image. The true skill lays in saying a lot by saying little. Sometimes you find yourself in a situation when you struggle to put as many extra words as possible to get close to the required word count. However, this always reflects on the quality of your writing and never in a good way. In many cases, it’s better to opt for less colorful words.

Use Different Sentence Structures

If you want to make writing better, follow one rule – every text should be readable. This effect can be achieved by appealing to different types of sentences. Make sure you mix them all together, and each paragraph has a good variety. This includes short and long sentences, ones that follow the general and most common word order rules and the ones that use inversion, etc. Another mistake that many people make is constructing sentences that are too long. This is the same thing as with adverbs, instead of making the text more elaborate, it only makes it more difficult.


Modern technologies are both a blessing and a curse for our spelling skills. On the one hand, many people rely on the autocorrect too heavily and might not be able to write without it. On the other hand, however, spellcheckers are saviors for correcting accidental typos and checking complex words. You can always adjust the settings for the spellchecker to fish out your most common mistakes and, thus, teach you to avoid them. Modern spellcheckers are even capable of noticing repetitions and highlighting the difference between various types of dashes.

Stay Consistent

While trying to make your writing more diverse, you might think it’s a good idea to use different words for the same thing or concept. However, this approach might only confuse and irritate the readers. It can also show your lack of confidence, since you can’t make up your mind and stick to one option. Consistency is a generally positive feature for every type of writing, so you should work on developing it. You might even use the help of your spellchecker and put in the only right option.

These tips are not universal, and you’re not obliged to follow them. However, we believe that those who struggle with writing will find them helpful and practical.

28Dec, 2017