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How to Come Up With a Great Essay


How often were you given an opportunity to choose essay topics? And how do you feel about it? On one hand, it’s an outstanding scenario, which makes it possible for you to work on a topic that you really like and on the other hand, it’s a real nightmare for indecisive people, or people who don’t know what they want. It doesn’t matter to which type of students you belong, the 3 following tips will help you to generate great essay ideas easily:

Think what question you want to have answered. What makes you itch? What is that you really want to clarify and bring the attention of people to? Most likely the question that you would like to answer was already answered by other scholars in your field, but it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t work on. Apply all of your energy and motivation to research the question that bothers you and try to look at it from the new angle. If you don’t feel that you can’t look from such an angle, you can broaden the point of view which was already mentioned giving it new life. Maybe you can come up with something unconventional, annoying, weird, not quite right, or something that most of people don’t want to talk about? Chances of finding an interesting topic in this area are rather high. Better solutions are often found, after people have courage to discuss something that irritates them in a point of view that is considered correct by the average person.

Look at the context. Another way to approach generating great essay ideas is to look on the context of the usual topics in a different way. In other words – if topics don’t stand out you can make them standout! Let’s look at an example form the area of Literature. Shakespeare is a genius and he is characterized as the most remarkable figure in English drama in the 16th But why is that? It’s not that you should question the authority of Shakespeare, but you should understand what led him to such status. If you study the work of other poets and writers who lived in the same time with Shakespeare, then you will see what made him standout. And while you will analyze this matter, you will understand the differences between Shakespeare and his “competitors.” That’s the difference in the context that I’m talking about. You have to see what’s strange and what’s notable, what makes things different and why one thing leads to the other. This will give you a new perspective and a lot of new essay ideas.

Use your third idea. This method is cool and unexpected. The idea is the following – the first thing that comes to mind shouldn’t be used, because that’s what comes to everybody’s mind. The second idea also shouldn’t be used, because that’s what more clever people do – they wait some more time to get a better idea. Few people wait till the third idea and that’s why you can use it and standout.

See? Coming up with an essay title is not that difficult!

15Dec, 2017