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How To Make Friends In College


Any freshman feels anxious about new life in college and seeks for new friends, which is a special concern for introverts. Anyway, all students lead some kind of a social life in college. Thus, this blog is for freshmen, who are eager to make new friends in a new environment.

Making New Friends In College

First of all, remember that you are in the same situation as any other first-year student; you have much to share with your mates, especially on the basis of new college experience. Just start talking to someone by asking how to get to a library, dining hall, or other campus facilities. Be communicative!

Take It Easy

It is not difficult to make friendship in college, just do it in the right way. Try not to lose any chance to talk to new people and you will surely find a good pal.

It Is Simple

Take these three simple steps of building friendship in college:

  1. Visit places where you may meet your mates.
  2. Be honest and open: start and continue chats with other people.
  3. Keep interacting with people you have already met.

Be In A Right Place

There are lots of places where you can find new friends: campus (your roommates), classrooms, parties, library, and canteen; they are all full of students, so it is not a problem to start building friendship in such an environment!

Don’t Give Up

If you still have not managed to find friends, you should not leave your attempts. Try to be persistent! Perhaps, some students are not that chatty and extraverted as you are. Later you will see how people’s interests differ, and many of them may coincide with yours. So, do not give up and keep talking, socializing, offering your help, company, and invitations to cool parties. You will certainly succeed!

17Oct, 2017