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How to Increase Brain Power


People think a lot. Sometimes so much that our brain seems to wear itself out. That is why a good fuel for the brain is needed. Guess what is can be? Right you are, appropriate food.

Brain Boosters

Whole grains

The capacity for concentration and focus stems from the supply of energy ‒ glucose that is in our blood. You can get loads of that from whole grains with a low-GI, which contain much of already portioned glucose. By the way, you’d better select “brown” cereals.

Oily fish

Another food to boost your brainpower is such oily fish as salmon , trout, mackerel, herring, sardines, pilchards, and kippers. It contains all necessary substances for improving your memory and attention.


You can boost your brainpower with these fruits as they have been proven to increase your memory and concentration. They are also perfect for your sight, by the way.


This food for the brain is a perfect booster of your concentration and peripheral attention as it is similar to oiled fish in several useful ways. It is a good alternative to fish, especially if you are a devoted vegetarian.


B vitamins ‒ B6, B12 ‒ are your best friends. That is why eat such food as chicken, eggs, and fish to get as much B vitamins as possible. Vitamin C is also a good remedy for your brainpower. Eat red peppers, citrus fruits, and broccoli to get it.

Pumpkin seeds

They improve your memory and thinking skills! They are rich in vitamin B, so you may include them in your menu on a regular basis.


You may say that sage is the worst taste among food for the brain, but it is rich in B vitamins and omega oils that are particularly useful for your memory and concentration.


We mean real nuts, not a chocolate bar. Eat nuts not to get driven nuts because of forgetting everything and failing your exams. Memory, effective brainpower, and concentration are guaranteed if you eat some nuts or add them to your morning cereal bowl.

On a separate note, we would like to suggest you make your physical exercising regular, because, as they say, a sound mind is in a sound body!

03Oct, 2017