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How to Effectively Improve Writing Skills


You won’t argue that writing is a hard process. We all can write, we know some grammar rules (at least the basics J), but we still find it hard to explain our thoughts with the means of words, phrases, and sentences. At any rate, these writing tips will help you.

  1. Reading books are a good source of inspiration. You do not necessarily have to copy the ideas, but reading trains your feeling of how writers and readers think, so your own content becomes more coherent.
  2. Develop your imagination by reading books of different genres. Fantasy, novels, horrors, history, and books of all sorts will make you think differently.
  3. Among other writing tips, we’d recommend you practice attentive reading. Do not just skim through the lines, let yourself dive into the story instead. Perception is important for writing, as you can describe something better when you are able to feel it.
  4. Do not think about anything else. Even about the passage you’ve just read. Think about all your impressions after reading.
  5. Read top-rated books. You will learn what perfect writing looks like. Adopt the best elements of the writing styles!
  6. However, read bad-written books, as well. You need to know, what you SHOULD NOT DO in your writing.
  7. Be open-minded while reading. Do not reject ideas, concepts, and writing techniques that may seem weird to you for the first time. The author knows better how to make the right impression.
  8. Challenge everything you read. Analyze characters, storyline, setting, style, and you will apply (or perhaps avoid) all of the storytelling techniques in your own writing.
  9. Read books that you find meaningful. Compare your experience with behaviors of the main characters, and think how you would act in their place!

On a separate note, similar tips apply to movies, music, and other forms of art. Question, analyze, and compare – this is the key to improving your writing skills!

21Nov, 2017