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Homesickness in College


Even though you start studying in a college of your dream, sooner or later you will feel homesick. And that can be extremely depressing, we know. Follow our guide for overcoming that unpleasant feeling!

Dealing with Homesickness

1. It’s Okay

If you are feeling homesick, remember that it is normal, and you won’t be that depressed all the time. You will feel better very soon.

2. Develop a Habit

Just pretend it is usual for you to live on campus and spend long hours studying. Feeling homesick will be not that hard when you take your new environment as your usual one.

3. Discover the Place

Go around your campus and college area and learn what facilities you have nearby: shops, night clubs, cinemas, gyms, etc. You will make new friends soon because you are not the only one experiencing college homesickness now.

4. You Are Still Close to Home

You can always call your parents and text your friends. But do not overuse this option!

5. Be Communicative

College homesickness can be easily substituted for communication. Talk to other students, especially freshmen! You will find friends very fast because everyone in the same situation!

6. Be Optimistic

Believe us, it’s going to be better than you can expect. You will surely love your college years.

7. Deal with It Regularly

It is not a joke, for many students a prolonged homesickness may grow into depression disorders. So, the sooner you deal with it, the better.

You won’t necessarily have to follow all these tips, but get involved in student life – it is full of positive impressions, fun, and adventures. Nonetheless, focus on your studies, the first year is the hardest, so do not miss anything important. College life is much better than you can imagine, and homesickness is not an appropriate feeling for such fun and fine times!

21Mar, 2017