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This website, is about health and healthy living. It maintains a simple, professional and appealing website. It is brief with little information about itself.  The homepage has different graphical bars that follow a pattern, with the top bar having focal points to follow. The name of the website at the top clearly states what the whole website is about- Health. The main menu arranges its information as: HOME, HEALTH TOPICS, HEALTHY LIVING, CHECKYOUR SYMPTOMS, DRUGS & TREATMENTS, FIND A DOCTOR, and HEALTH VIDEOS. At first site, the audience will know what to navigate on depending on what they are looking for. The style design incorporates a white background that contrasts with the bright colors used in words and pictures. Like most other websites, it uses a san-serif font, as serifs are hard to read on a computer screen. The credibility of the homepage is well established with the use of bold colorful letters, mostly incorporating the color blue. Thus, I would say, it is user friendly and adequate.

The design elements are flexible to make the website appealing. Repetition of the focal graphics leads the audience to a level of comfort with a general template. Navigation is easy, as you click on one of the focal points on the homepage; it opens up a different page that incorporates the homepage template. There is a specific repetition of size and color in the graphics, complimenting the montage. A common angle variance also uses the same feature. The repetitious graphics lead the audience into the articles they represent. The top of the homepage contains a bar that has graphics of an advert every few minutes. It is colorful and incorporates graphics of a different nature, compared to the entire page.

The best features are the headlines that have been put in bold blue colors, outlining specific topics of health. This is in addition to the numerous hyperlinks and tabs to provide information on different things. The resources are adequate as it incorporates the use of topics on the homepage. These are the common trending topics of health and are put into focus here. There is also information on the latest news updates in the health sector. This includes news on the doctors, health centers, and their patients. The differentiation of the topics is adequate as it is highlighted in a contrasting red color for each. Navigating to each topic takes you to a different page that highlights the topics of choice with an array of articles that relate to the topic. This is effective for any speedy research on a topic.

The main people who would benefit from this website are those that are health conscious. This is because the trending topics in the website incorporate healthy living including cancer, depression, pregnancies, allergies and treatments of the diseases. The information on such topics is from resources like Health News, Health Line and other related websites. Most of the information is from proven, studied or viewed facts that have been done and published by doctors. It is also recent information on issues in the health sector that may have a huge influence.

Article Review

Gastric Bypass Surgery and Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes patients have a hard time with their health as they struggle to shed some weight to keep healthy. The traditional weight loss therapies have been effective but bypass surgery has proved to be an added advantage. According to this article, the medical community has found evidence that mild to moderately obese type 2 diabetic patients are able to have great health improvements with the incorporation of bypass surgery in their weight loss plans. This is according to studies published in journals like “The Journal of the American Medical Association” stating that the patients have great improvements in their blood sugar levels. Their studies show that their patients lose weight drastically, have a better blood glucose regulation and the systolic blood pressure and cholesterol levels are improved.

These studies involved a random trial plan using 120 overweight patients. 60 of the patients were assigned to have the surgery while the other half was to undertake an intensive lifestyle-medical management protocol used for treating obese diabetes patients. These patients were eventually compared. The results showed that the patients that underwent bypass surgery lost a very high percentage of their body fat, had improved levels of metabolic risk factors for diabetics, and used fewer medications for their treatments. This was a great improvement compared to those who did not have the surgery. The surgery improved the effects of normal exercise plans that the patients undertook. There were a few limitations of nutrition deficiency.

Although the surgery has risks, the doctors have concentrated on the many benefits for their patients, making their arguments about it solid. The health benefits for their patients have positive effects that eventually lead to healthy lives. It is a definitive argument that puts into perspective the optimal medical treatment. The bariatric procedure is potentially effective to a majority of patients that have problems with the lifestyle management plans. However, further research on the procedure has to be done to give an added advantage and positive review that reduces the limitations. This article is beneficial to anyone that may want to know alternatives to the daily health-lifestyle management exercises, especially to the Type 2 diabetes patients. How much this discovery is a breakthrough for the medical community is evident.