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The Importance of Autism

Autism is a grave mental disorder, an extreme form of self-imposed isolation, which expressed in avoiding contact with reality, poverty showing emotions. Autistic inadequately responds to the people, because he suffers from a shortage of social interaction. A child with autism is poorly developed in understanding the language. Often speech takes the form of echolalia (repeating elements of speech heard from others or on television). Understandable for them are only simple unambiguous instructions (“sit”, “eat”, “close the door” and others). Abstract thinking is behind in development, which is manifested in the lack of understanding the pronouns (yours, mine and his/her). Child’s inability to speak or understand the language is one of the most common complaints in the primary survey of the child. Speech problems become apparent in the second year of life. Autistic children usually do not develop close emotional relationship with their parents. They do not play with toys, as do normal children. Self-service skills are not available. They find it difficult to learn to dress themselves, use the toilet without any help. These children do not recognize the usual danger and in need of constant supervision so as not to get serious injury while crossing the street with heavy traffic, playing with electrical equipment. People with autism have very frequent outbursts of anger and aggression. This aggression can be directed to themselves, when they are biting their hands or banging their head against the floor or furniture. Sometimes the aggression is directed at other. People with autism can exhibit behavior in the form of rituals, repetitive stereotyped actions.

In most cases, autistic behavior is repulses people around. Accordingly, when a little child grows up, he does not play with other children. Very few people with such diagnosis can overcome the disease itself. However, scientists from the National Institute of Mental Health, USA talked about the fact that the diagnosis of autism can not be considered lifelong. According to their observations, many people recover with intensive treatment. One of them William Wehrli, that told us about his life way. He still autistic, but with the help of his family and friends he is staying positive and alive. His appearance shows us that this problem can be overcome. Going through ridicule, condemnations he shows us that every one of us should believe in themselves. There will always be those people who will scoff and refuse to believe in miracles. The only thing we can do to rectify this problem is changing arrogant attitude toward people with disabilities. We should not let them feel different, we should understand them instead.

Despite the peculiarities of communication, an autistic child should be in the collective. Parents, in turn, should work hard from an early age with their disabled child. If the parents can not work with the kid, get a special educator who will teach the child to interact with adults and children in the collective. Such little steps will help him to grow up like a normal human. Prime example of such characters can be considered William Wehrli. This brave man is not only overcame illness, but cares to tell everyone about faith and miracles. He surpassed a lot of negativity around him before, and that did not affect him. Other way around, such factors made him an optimistic person. We were very impressed by the story of this brave man because each of us in some way has its flaws and afraid to be condemned. His words brought us a vital philosophy – do not give up and do not be afraid to be convicted. We all born equal the same. Black or white, smart or have certain flaws it is not important at all.