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Honda Automobiles Marketing

Owning Honda CVR has changed my world. My former car from a rival company was fuel guzzler   and I am relieved of the expenses that I used to spend daily on fuel. Currently there is scarcity of fuel reserve in the world. For this reason, there is a dire need for fuel conservation. There is a rising price of fuel and hence choosing Honda automobile products, I have found to be economical due to their less fuel consumption. Honda car has made it possible for me to reduce my overall fuel consumption by half. Honda cars are friendly and they got accreditation for making air healthier and breathable. Honda cars come in different colors, three to five door options, ASB brakes, power windows, power steering, and central locking, double air bags, automatic or manual transmission among other superior qualities to offer to the buyers. I definitely feel my automobile world has changed.

Customer Value:

By hiring me as a Honda Automobile sales manager, the Honda Automobile Company would experience a huge increase in sales of its Automobile products. This is because I am coming with a myriad of sales and marketing strategies that would be beneficial to the company.


I choose Automobile sales management as a profession because I have a strong like for marketing and selling Automobile products. I am also keen to work for an automobile company with reputation like the Honda Automobiles Company. This is because it is interesting to market The Honda products. For instance, the primary market for Honda automobile is typically anybody who is having a valid driving license. Anybody with a driving license is a potential customer of Honda automobile. Some of these people are people who may be willing to buy their first cars and with good marketing of the Honda product, they can easily choose to buy Honda cars.

Marketing Mix & Brand Strategy:

I have all the required skills to be the sales manager of Honda Automobiles Company. I do posses an excess of knowledge when it comes to Customers behavior, market trends and demographic segmentation, which are the key factors of marketing. Demographic segmentation, for instance, is a crucial factor in car marketing. Demography is a term for any information about the potential customers that enable marketers to place them into segments. For example, age is crucial and relevant demographic information about the car buyers. It is true that the very old and the very young do not drive. Between the ages of twenty to seventy, the preferred customer’s current age will influence the car. A twenty-year-old potential customer is likely to buy the Honda Civic Si, unlike a seventy-year-old potential customer. A customer’s level of income determines the type of Honda car model he can buy. A person in a low paying job or has just started his career, may wish to settle on Acura NSX but at a fairly lower price. Psychographic segmentation puts the market into categories based on personality and lifestyle. For example, it is clear that the customers’ personality and lifestyle determine the choice whether to buy Honda Odyssey or Acura RSX.

Marketing Ethics and Social Responsibility:

Being Honda Automobile sales manager would make me a respected sales manager both to our customers and to the sounding community at large. Honda, an authoritative motor brand on our roads has various car models that would definitely leave a customer satisfied. Fuel consumption, performance on the road and availability of spare parts are the most important factors to consider when choosing which type of vehicle to buy. At the Honda Automobile Company Limited, we produce automobiles with low fuel consumption, and this is an important aspect, which a customer considers before buying any of our products. Honda Automobile Company produces stable and fastest motorbikes and cars on the road. Spare parts of our products are also readily available with the genuine dealers everywhere at pocket friendly prices – another reason why you should consider buying our products. Honda Automobile Company has a social responsibility of being environment friendly by producing automobiles, which emit less poisonous gases to the environment.