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The Art of Writing Great Titles for Your Essays

The most difficult part of writing any assignment is quite possibly essay generation. Think about the many interesting book titles in the marketplace. For instance, think about “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.” An essay or book title is so powerful it can determine whether someone decides to read an essay through or buy the book. Other good examples of catchy titles are “Something Wicked This Way Comes” and “Do Android Dream of Electric Sheep?”

While you may not be thinking of publishing your essay or indeed selling it, you probably still want a title that attracts your intended audience and makes them want to read it. Therefore, you should pay careful attention to essay titles. An interesting title will ignite the curiosity of the reader, let them know what your essay is all about and generally set the tone for the entire work. When you see a title like “I Was Told There’d be Cake,” you would want to read on, wouldn’t you?

First Write You’re Essay, Then Write the Title

Many (or most) writers do not create titles for essays or books first. They may start with an idea for a title but the final title may actually end up being something very different. That first title idea merely serves to help the writer retain their focus. Very often, the final or true title is written at the end. Students can waste lots of precious time trying to devise an attractive title before they even begin writing their essays. Yet, it is a great deal easier and much quicker to first write the essay and leave the title until the end.

Consider the ‘Why’ When Writing an Essay

Interesting or good titles for essays provide would-be readers with an incentive to read the essay. The thesis statement is the usual place to find an essay’s primary purpose. The thesis statement makes up the final sentence in an essay’s introduction paragraph. So, why not try incorporating the title, or at least some part of it, into the title. Consider this thesis statement, for example, “Having wearied of taxation and military presence in their country and daily lives, colonial America began to rebel against the British.” Then ask yourself if, “Weary of Troops and Taxation” would make a good title?

Using Phrases that are Popular and Catchy

You can create catchy titles using popular or contemporary catch phrases where these are applicable to the topic. This is especially the case if the phrases are interesting, humorous or can form an amusing pun. For instance, you could use a phrase or part of a phrase that applies to some feature or problem related to college life. You can even use movie titles in essays or phrases that are currently circulating on the Internet.

Combine the Extraordinary with the Ordinary

Titles like the “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” are catchy and creative because they blend the idea of an ordinary item like a guide with the galaxy, which adds a surprise element. At the time of writing this book, there was an existing guide that was popular with travelers called “The Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to Europe.” Therefore, the new book’s title was a catchy play on an existing well-known title. Say, for instance, you are asked to write about how the weather is affected by climate change and the moment comes to apply your mind to essay generation. One creative idea may be to take the daily weather forecast and use that format to give your own one-hundred year prediction.