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Creating a Career Roadmap


Life is full of choices, and you never know where you can end up. However, many things in life depend on you and your willingness to rule. The same concerns a career choice, which is definitely one of the key processes in life. Career experts explained how to make a way into a career and get a dream job without unnecessary illusions.

Career Development Plan

Know your destination

You should know where you want to go. Thus, make a detailed vision of your path, where you want to work at different stages of life. Neither HR’s, companies nor bosses are responsible for the result of your planning and career. You are the only person who takes all the responsibilities. If you want to find your dream job, understand and explain yourself what you mean by the words success and where you see yourself in 3, 5, 10 or 15 years.

Define the necessary tools

Write a list of skills you may need for your dream job, search online, and prepare a list of companies you like, as well as the job titles you want to have. It is an awesome starting point for successful mapping of your career. It will also help you set long term career goals. I’d point out the skills because it is the point where you control everything. You cannot predict whether you will be taken to a specific position somewhere during your career path, but you can definitely control your skills, as well as develop and improve them if necessary. So, don’t fix on the titles, be a perfect executive.

Get a mentor

Find someone who is more experienced in your desired field or works on your target position and builds communication. It is a vital process for your long term career goals, since networking is very helpful in career path. Your career guide can inform you about all the details of the position and job obligations and help you explore your target career position more deeply.

Be ready for changes

While mapping your career route, you have no warranty for sudden changes that may occur. So, be ready for this. If you dreamt of a business consultant career at the local company back in 2005 when you were in high school, you can change your vector and move towards the position of the chief interpreter at the international company. So, be ready for these changes and be flexible.

10Jan, 2017