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Common Business Writing Mistakes


Numerous types of business correspondence are written on a daily basis, and many of them are really complicated and impossible to read. If you are into such sort of business, this blog will help you to cope with a hard task of writing business papers well.

How to Avoid Mistakes

Grammar Matters

Proper grammar is not an advantage but a minimal requirement to all business documents. You’d better argue with the entire team, but the paper should comply with all grammatical rules.

Do not Try to Sound Cool

Use the simplest language for all business documents. We are all tired of these complicated modern terms and definitions. Write simply and to the point.

Address Your Reader

If you want to know how to write well, always consider your audience. Write about only those concepts and facts that are of a particular interest to your potential readers.

Simply the Best

Again, be simple and clear. Intelligence does not equal complicated sentences and dangling modifiers.

Impression Is Important but Do not Force It

Strong introduction definitely matters, but make sure the rest of the paper is also coherent and easy to read.

So Manyyyy Words

Don’t be wordy. If you want to learn how to write well, you’d better use fewer words. Substitute them with a good content instead.


Your readers should not guess what all your acronyms mean. At least explain them at the beginning of your paper or when you first mention them in the text.

Be Clear

Provide facts, data, evidence, and clear statements in order to make your ideas strong and vivid. Your target audience won’t believe your sand castles built from ambiguous sentences.

Feel the Tone

You should enjoy what you are writing. Do not force it! Walk in your colleagues’ and customers’ shoes: they expect a clear, strong, and interesting business text.

14Mar, 2017