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Coffee Addiction


We usually do not pay attention to addictions, which are not like a bond at all. Addiction usually refers to substance, cigarette or alcohol abuse. However, addictions can be different. And you won’t argue that coffee addiction really exists. There is nothing special, you may say. In fact, it is certainly not true: surf the web about the negative consequences of coffee addiction and you’ll see that we are suggesting you this guide not just for fun.

How to Break Coffee Addiction

Be Stone Cold

You just give up drinking coffee. Still, as any other addiction, caffeine addiction means that giving up such a habit will be hard: stress, the lure to drink at least a cup, the feeling of helplessness – all these things await you. So, you need a really strong will to break your caffeine addiction.


Quitting step-by-step is a much easier way to quit drinking coffee. Start with coffee drinks, which contain less caffeine and gradually switch over to green ice tea, which is almost caffeine-free.

Decaf is a Key

Seriously, decaf will help you to foster a healthy habit. You will not see a difference! You way even store your decaf in a box from regular coffee, so placebo effect will trick you and you’ll switch to the healthy habit of drinking coffee!

Water is Life

Substitute your morning and everywhere-anytime coffee with a glass of clean water! It will give you energy and help to get rid of toxins. Water is the best sorbent, so it is good to take a glass of water before having meals.

Do Some Exercise

Just substitute your coffee intake with a short physical exercise – even one minute will do. It will cheer you up!

Food is Better

You’d better pay attention to your meals. Just enjoy your morning sandwich or your lunch steak! And grab a bottle of water along.

Trace Your Caffeine Intake

Keep record of your coffee drinks, especially if you have gradually decided to quit the bad habit. Set the limit and try to reduce it each day or weak at least.

22Aug, 2017