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Best TV Services


The internet is flooded with a wide range of TV shows, so it is really hard to follow all best TV series, especially, if you are a big TV nerd. So, we suggest a list of good services that will help you follow best TV trends.


It is a real treasure for devoted TV nerds. The service is attached to specific target audiences, so all needed stuff can be found in one package. Also, Sky offers Internet and telephone connection services.

Amazon Video

You won’t argue that Amazon video is the leader of such services. Moreover, it suggests a sub-service Amazon Prime, where you can access content unavailable for Amazon Video. Anyways, it is a top TV series service, so do not miss a chance to subscribe and use it!


Netflix TV Service is a just-subscribe monster of TV services! As soon as you have paid your regular fee, you can watch whatever you like endlessly. Do not hesitate to subscribe for Netflix TV service to get long hours of fun!


This service is available in the U.S. and Japan only, but it suggests a good alternative to the mainstream TV services. You can also get access to streams of various anime broadcasts.

Google Play

Google Play services are widespread all over the world and suggest a wide range of content, so it is a perfect option if you are looking for new trends and ways to entertain yourself while watching TV series. We recommend Google Play services to anyone who looks for new watching experience.

You may get confused while searching for the best TV service for you, so we also recommend to try several of them. But not in one go! You need to decide what sort of entertainment is perfect for you.

11Jul, 2017