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Best Jobs for College Students


If you are a student, your pockets are often empty because you have lots of errands to cover with your not-that-much cash. Perhaps, you need a part-time job to cope with these issues. Read our guide of top jobs for students.

Make Money In College

1.Massage Therapist
You need to undergo special courses and certification, but as soon as you manage that, you can earn $22 per hour. Not a bad earning, we should say.
2. Dental Receptionist
You know, dentists work with teeth and make good money. So, why don’t you apply for dental receptions? An easy job with $14 per hour. Good paying job for college students ever imagined.
3. Nanny
Babysitting can be fun, and you can get about $12 per hour.
4. Bookkeeper
Extra money for students is always a priority, and you can easily get at least $12 per hour for bookkeeping responsibilities.
5. Orderly
Orderly is a well-paid and interesting job, especially if you are planning to work in a sphere of medicine. You’ll get a chance to see everything from the inside!
6. Bank Teller
Learn to manage your cash and ear up to $11 by working as a bank teller. Don’t be afraid of loads of paperwork; you’ll get used to it very soon.
7. Tax Preparer
Help accountants to make cash statements, balance sheets, and other stuff that may seem boring at first glance. But do not miss a chance, if you’re studying finance and investment!
8. Tutor
You are evidently good at something. So, you can trade your knowledge and skill for $10 and more per hour. You arrange your performance on your own.
9. General Office Clerk
It is probably the most boring job you ever have, but not a bad payment of $11 per hour and a possibility to watch all office life just for the future. It is a good option, as well.
10. Restaurant Host/Hostess
You will need tones of energy, especially on weekend nights and holidays, but that will be paid approximately $11 per hour. Also, you can always collect some food from the kitchen. No need for college meals!
31Jan, 2017