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Best Fall Vacations


Fall is already visible in the streets and it means that it’s time to go on a vacation. If you have not decided yet, you’ll enjoy this blog.

Best Fall Events

Munich Oktoberfest (Germany)

Oktoberfest starts on the 19th of September and lasts till the beginning of October. The biggest beer market, grilled sausages, famous sauerkraut, and amazing attractions make it a real fun! But use the Oktoberfest beer resource wisely: many tourists overrate their strength and as a result sleep right on the grass.

Grizzlies in British Columbia, Canada

Grizzlies rarely appear during the most part of the year, but from late August till October you can often see them in Bear Camp, Canada. People and bears dwell together in a harmony and the camp has been keeping this tradition for decades. Without a doubt, it is a one of the top-rated fall festivals.

Caribbean Season

In autumn the prices always decrease in the Caribbean resorts and nature gets even more wonderful than in any other season of the year. Enjoy a fantastic and hurricane-free holiday there!

Day of the Dead in Mexico

Visit the weirdest and scariest place among fall vacation spots! Travel around Mexico to see old Aztec temples and get familiar with the ancient culture. People show their respect to the deceased by putting drinks, clothes, and items of luxury around the shrines. Taste national cuisine and feel the spirit of eternal wisdom!

Chilean Andes

You can travel there just for skiing, as it is the cheapest in this season. Don’t miss a chance to get such inexpensive fun.

Motorhead cruise on the Bahamas

Go and get tickets for the craziest rock show on the big boat! Yes, Lemmy has passed to a rock-n-roll paradise this summer. But his friends decided to organize a big party this fall, because the leader of Motorhead would be upset, if he knew that rock music is not going to shake the Bahamas this year. So, get ready for a wave of metal strumming from the boat: Suicidal Tendencies, Hatebreed, and a very special monster of trash metal, Slayer, are coming. Definitely, it is my favorite option among other destinations for autumn travel.

Diwali Festival of Light in India

An amazing festival of lights in India is the most beautiful fall event, which you should not miss. Get everything booked before the 11th of November, when the main action will shine its wonderful light.

Lake of Stars music festival in Malawi

Inspired by Glastonbury festival, Lake of Stars takes place on the shore of the lake of Malawi. You can enjoy a real hipster sound of lo-fi, trip-hop, and other true indie stuff. Don’t forget to get your Instagram ready!

13Jun, 2017