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What Should You Do to Join the Team of Advanced Writers?

No matter are you a student who is looking for some tips on improving writing skills, a blogger, or an advanced writer, you can always benefit from getting some new information on how to produce better writing.

One of the major struggles that content marketers have is creating enough content while keeping the quality high. This is what every writer has to work through on a daily basis. So here are some secrets of advanced writers, which help them produce a steady stream of outstanding content.

Constantly Stay in Research Mode

If you want to stay filled with good writing ideas, it is important to always stay in the research mode. You should not reserve the research just for planning or writing sessions. Your content’s quality will rise if you do research on an ongoing basis.

When You Get an Idea, Jot down How You Can Develop It

Sure, you can wait until it is time to work on the content to develop your ideas. However, it is much easier to do so before it is the time to write. If you would like to do so, when you get any idea, jot down the following:

  • Maim ideas you would like to cover on the certain topic
  • Sources that provide more data on the topic
  • Sources that illustrate those points

If you do this each time you browse the Internet, you get a great chance to have the whole outline completed before you have to start writing your content.

It is also necessary to not simply write down any idea that comes to mind, but to write down all the thoughts you have about it, even the most rough and undefined ones.

While Browsing the Web, Gather Sources to Use as References

Advanced writers do not just browse the Web. They always research it. So every time you are online, look for material which will help you produce new content. When you see any article or other source which has some concern to your topic, grab the URL and save it in the cell where you have written down your idea. It is also convenient to add notes which will help you remember why you wanted to use this particular material. This way, when an advanced writer eventually sits down to write, he or she has much of the research already completed.

Talk about One Thing at a Time

Please remember that each piece of content has to include only one point. So, when you sit down to work on the content, first of all, define the bottom-line point.

When everything is written, move on to the editing stage. On the first round of edits, your goal is making sure the writing stays on point. It is necessary to stay ruthless. Cut off any word, sentence, or even paragraph which breaks this rule, even if you like it more than the rest of the content.

Depth and Length Should Match

Every advanced writer knows two main things, which make content difficult to read. The first is not providing enough detail and providing just a depthless coverage of a topic. The other one is trying to give too much detail for the space allowed. So, every time you start writing, ensure only going as deep as the length of your content allows. Advanced writers recommend the following:

  • In short articles, give just a high-level discussion of the idea or in-depth coverage of certain aspect of it.
  • In longer articles, it is important to provide more details.

Dedicate Enough Time to the Title

Every advanced writer knows that even the most exciting and useful content will be ignored by the potential audience if the title does not grab the reader’s attention. The title must create interest and forecast the information presented in the article.

Make the First Sentence Your Best

The advanced writers have just three seconds to hook the potential audience and make them want to continue reading. After the heading, your first sentence has to perform great. Do not mislead. The heading and the first sentence should take the reader fluently to the main point of your article. Say something that will make the reader pay attention.

Write an Outstanding Introduction

For very short articles, the introduction should consist of the first paragraph. For books, advanced writers can complete entire chapters. But for most content, the introduction is the first 100-600 words, where you have to present your point.

Make sure this part of the content is irresistible and not too long. It must be a tease about what you are going to present in the content without giving away the gold.

Here are several kinds of introduction which usually perform well:

  • Little-known fact
  • Exciting story
  • Contrarian point of view
  • Breaking news
  • Promise of information that is not available anywhere else

Keep Your Content Trustworthy

No one is willing to waste time on articles or other pieces of writing which are not precise and believable. So you should kill the hype and avoid stretching the truth.

Hype makes people feel like they are being manipulated – and nobody likes this feeling. So avoid it. Advanced writers produce content that can help people. Try using your content to inform your readers or entertain them.

Also, keep in mind that people will only read the content if they can trust you. For this reason, it is necessary to research every topic that you write on. If you want to present an extraordinary fact, make sure to back it up. Provide the source. When you quote somebody or reference a book or article, link to it. Make it easy for your readers to trust you – if you do not, they will probably move to the next piece of content.

Write the Best Conclusion You Can

Any good content is able to tell who, what, why, when, and where. A great content tells “so what” as well. Make sure your content does not lose steam for the reason you ran out of ideas. In the conclusion of each piece of content, provide a summary of the main argument and tell readers how they will benefit from the provided information.

Make Sure Your Writing Is Plain

Easy words, brief sentences and paragraphs tend to be the most readable. So advanced writers use the “shorter and simpler” mantra when they are working on their content. To achieve the best readability, make sure your paragraphs are 6 lines maximum, sentences are not longer than 25 words and words consist of 1-2 syllables.

Edit Your Content Thoroughly

Every advanced writer knows that great writing does not happen in the first draft. As a rule, the first draft is a good try to figure out how you can put your ideas into words. Eventually, almost each of them is badly written. And that concerns all writers.

But the great news is that you can make your content perfect in the editing stage. So here are some pieces of advice to use while you are writing:

  • Just get your ideas down
  • Write quickly so that you do not lose the flow of thoughts.
  • When everything is written down, put every effort into editing.

What is important, do not settle just for one round of edits. If you want to produce the content of the highest quality, you will definitely require several rounds of review. Remember that good writing requires enough time and much effort so do your best to succeed as an advanced writer.