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Additional Services Offered by Our Writing Company

Progressive delivery

Progressive delivery is one of the exclusively offered services to our clients who order long papers (10+ single-spaced and 20+ double-spaced).

Core Advantages:

  • You will be able to monitor how your assigned writer copes with the paper ordered by you;
  • You will receive paper drafts throughout the writing process. Consequently, you will be able to send comments to the writer if he/ she does something wrong;
  • You will be given the whole 30 days of free revision option instead of the generally accepted two days;
  • Your paper will be handled by the best professionals working at the company;
  • You will enjoy assistance of a personal managed assigned to cooperate with you and help with any inquiries you have regarding our service.

Drafts are sent in the following way*:

  • For papers with the urgency of up to 4 days, one draft is delivered to you 50% prior to the deadline expiry. The draft contains 25% of the required paper volume;
  • For papers with the urgency time of 5-11 days, two drafts will be sent to you after 25% and 50% of the deadline cessation. Their volume is 25% and 50% of the paper length.
  • For paper of urgency of 12 days and more, three drafts will be sent to you after 25%, 50%, and 75% of the deadline period is over. The drafts comprise 25%, 50%, and 75% of the required paper length.

*To enjoy this service, you have to pay an additional price of 15% to the total paper volume.

If you would like to receive the paper drafts in a way different from the accepted one, then you need to organize your individual plan based on your preferences and discuss it with your personal manager.


Summary often contains only one page. It is enough to briefly summarize your work and accentuate the main points. This 300-word paper is beneficial for all those who need to present results of the research or findings of the paper to the committee board or professors.


If you would like to receive one page of your ordered paper before the deadline to see how well the writer has coped with it, order a draft option. Here you will receive either a 300-word or a 600-word draft depending on whether you have ordered a double-spaced or a single-spaced paper. The draft is sent 50% prior to the deadline expiration.

Extended Revision

Free revisions are provided on general basis 48 hours after the deadline expiration. The extended revision option, in its turn, is offered to customers who would like to have more time for sending revision requests (14 days in particular).