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7 Best Finance Apps


Do you keep thinking about how to manage your money? There are many financial planner apps, so you definitely need to know what possibilities they suggest!

How to Manage Your Money


You just see pics of what stuff people are selling next to you. It is so simple that you can plan pickups very easily. I have recently got a ping-pong table for my boys just for $150 via this app. One of the best apps for saving money.


This app searches for retail stores next to you. You are also able to get coupons to receive enormous discounts. The app tracks your favorite stores, so visiting them more than once offers you more pleasant discounts!


Gives you back some part of money spent on purchases online. Benefits may vary, and you can retrieve your money each three months. Note, you need to have more than $5. 01.

Receipt Pal

You just have to upload photos of your each receipt, and you will get scores that can be exchanged for various gift cards and discounts. It is a simple, but one of the most convenient apps for saving money.

Receipt Hog

It is similar to Receipt Pal, but is more about grocery stores! This means you can’t use it while eating out, for example. Still, you are able to get cash via PayPal or exchange scores for gift cards and discounts.


You get a kind of reimbursement for each Ibotta product or even for other brands that you purchase every day and everywhere. You may also use Krazy Koupon database and link the app to your purchase from there. As a result, you will get free goods or special offers at a really funny price. As for me, one of the best finance apps ever!

Walmart Savings Catcher

Fast and easy Walmart-branded app that refunds you a difference between your receipts and lowest prices for the same products within the chain. You just need to snap a pic of your receipt.

Do Not Use These

Neilsen Homescan (NCP)

Will eat your time by asking to scan all products you purchase for benefits that are hardly noticeable.

Saving Star

It looks like Checkout51, but it doesn’t offer anything worthy.


The same greedy and time-consuming app as Saving Star.

Isay mobile

Requires you to participate in surveys for worthless prizes.


You’ll get a prize if you complete some weird shopping task. Avoid it and save your time!

Media Insiders Panel

Ignore it. The app collects all media staff played in your smartphone. Some people claimed that this app destroyed their devices.

Inbox Dollars

You need to read and reply to emails or participate in surveys for money. Let’s imagine it is not a fake and you will hardly earn a minimal threshold for cash out of $30 within a short period.

Now you know how to manage your money properly. I’m sure at least some of the financial planner apps will be of great use to you.

05Sep, 2017