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5 Tips on Efficient Cramming for Exams


If you are reading this, it means you must have gotten into trouble, and now looking for the way out. OK, I am not the one to lecture at you, so we are not going to dwell on the reasons why you are just about to begin studying for the tomorrow’s test. There is either no point in telling that you should have started preparation much earlier. So, let us just focus on the things that will help you learn enough to pass the test.

Cramming Tips That Actually Work

  • Avoid distractions. It would be perfect to have some place where you can study in silence. You will have to memorize a lot of information, which means it is necessary to have a clear mind. The best way to cram for a test is to take the study books or notes and to go to a quiet place where you can concentrate on the task.
  • Divide time. Even though there is no much time to spare, you need to develop a system, which involves breaks. It has been proved that studying for a short time with proper breaks is more efficient than cramming for hours. For instance, dedicate 30 minutes to intense learning and then take a couple of minutes to have a rest. Among all the study techniques, this one actually helps to stay focused.
  • Use cards. Select the information, which is hard to memorize and write it down on flash cards. This way, you will have all the key points at hand without the need to leaf through the books over and over again. However, I strongly recommend using such cards only for preparation, not during the test.
  • Drink coffee. You may find it extremely difficult to stay awake while studying. In this case, caffeine is your lifesaver (of course, only if you do not have a heart condition). If you are not into coffee, green tea also will do.
  • Find a companion. Surely, you are not the only one who burns the midnight oil before the test. Why not to ask a friend to study together? Sharing the knowledge with each other is the best way to cram for a test.

Using these cramming techniques, you are bound to pass the exam. However, next time try to get ready in advance.

26Sep, 2017